Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Philly visits Mechanicsburg and 19th C. Base Ball Gets Some Press

The Philadelphia Athletics BBC will visit Mechanicsburg this Saturday, June 18 for a double header versus the Mechanicsburg Nine BBC. Match time will start at 12 p.m. and will be played under the rules and standards of 1864 base ball.

Folks from the Patriot News will be on hand for game one to gather some material for an article on Vintage/19th C. Base Ball that will be featured in the upcoming July 17th edition. The write up on the Mechanicsburg Nine and 19th C. Base Ball will be part of a piece celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Harrisburg Senators.

Game On Finally!

After a ridiculously rainy spring, the long awaited start of the season finally occurred two weekends ago for the Mechanicsburg Nine 19th C. Base Ball Club. The Nine - actually six (we were short players) traveled to Easton, MD for a double bill with the Talbot Fair Plays.

The Mechanicsburg "six" with the assistance of three able-bodied Talbot boys put forth a valiant effort in game one against the Talbots who had already ten games under their 2011 season belts. In fact, Mechanicsburg was in a commanding 5-3 lead after five. The lead was short-lived as Mechanicsburg tallied goose eggs for the rest of the day while the Talbots collected eight additional plate crossings to edge out the visitors. Final tally - Talbots 11 Mechaincsburg 5.

In match two, Mechaincsburg, with the help of three other Talbots, again put forth a strong early match effort. The Nine, minus three, again held an early lead only to lose it in later innings. At the end of the day, the Talbots edged out the visitors with a final tally of 18-13.

The Mechanicsburg Nine would like to thank the Talbot Fair Plays for a fine day of base ball and for sharing their able talent and providing Mechanicsburg with the staffing needed to field a full squad. The Talbots will visit Mechanicsburg in 2012 and The Nine looks forward to the opportunity to avenge their recent double loss.