Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Mechanisburg Nine will host the Eureka Base Ball Club of Bohemia, MD today, Saturday, July 31st at 12 noon behind the West Shore Evangelical Free Church on Williams Grove Road, Mechanicsburg.

The double match will prove to be a tough one for the local nine as Mechanicsburg dropped a twin dip to the boys from Maryland on a sweltering July day two weeks ago. The Eurekas hit hard and ran harder as they stole a base as quickly as they were able to get to one. Despite the short porch in right (and the herd of heifers waiting for a lost fielder to wonder into their pasture) and the endless yard in left, Mechaincsburg was never able to gain a foothold and bring home a victory.

The local nine hope to change their fortunes today and show any visiting cranks that the new venture into the 19th century will be one of success.

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  1. We enjoyed the game, check out the blog post I wrote about it!